Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Charming Hippie Son

I made this shirt yesterday for Benson,
and yes, he wore it.
In fact, all his friends like it and he wants to make more and sell them.
We found the fabric in the basement, it's been down there since the 70's.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bragging on Benson

I am so proud of Benson (and envious too) that he was able
to hike over 200 miles, in 2 weeks, on the John Muir trail.
He started in Yosemite and ended at Mt Whitney.
What an amazing trip, an amazing young man, and amazing photos.

He had great hiking buddies, David and Matthew

On top of Whitney, 14,497 ft elevation
The highest point in the contiguous United States

that's just chapstick...

they met new friends along the way...

These guys covered an average of 15 miles a day, ranging up and down,
again and again from 9,000 -14,500 ft in elevation.

I Love you, Benson, and I am soooo proud of you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grand Manan and Maine 2010 "I was a blind virgin"

My 1st blind, (I was a blind virgin) to observe the East coast Puffins

This is my Aunt Catherine's home in Freeport, Maine
I'm holding "Lanea" a sweet Dachshund puppy.

this little mouse was in her backyard (the woods), just holding on...

My cousin, Rick, lives just down the lane and has this friend in his yard.

Aunt Catherine is my Dad's sister.
We had a great time reminiscing while playing cards

I was able to go whale watching with my long lost cousin,
Janine and her husband Hank

I'm sailing, I'm a sailor...

We saw soooooo many whales, it was unbelievably gorgeous.

we had 1 day of cloudy weather with a bit of rain in the morning,
but it was still beautiful

some shots of the old fishing village on Grand Manan Island

the typical view that adorns this tiny, sleepy Island

My cousin, Janine, has traveled the world studying birds and their behavior,
her efforts have earned her a PHD,
I was fornunate to have her as a guide and travel companion for the week.
The Island "Machias" is dedicated for the study and preservation of Puffins.

I set a goal to have succulent lobster everyday, MMMMM
(after I found out that it is so affordable),
  • Lobster Newburg
  • lobster dip
  • lobster stew
  • lobster chowder
  • lobster omelet
  • lobster bake
  • steamed lobster
  • lobster roll
even McD's and Subway serve it
but, my favorite was prepared by my cousin Rick
right after letting Lanea play with it...