Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More old family photos

My mother and her twin sister
Elma LaVerne Ruff Erickson and Amy Loraine Ruff Piacentini
My Mom

this is my Dad's Grandmother Idh,
his Mom's Mother.

My Dad, John Erickson at age 11, in 1937
and his Mother, Hilma Idh

Friday, January 22, 2010

more family photos to preserve

My Paternal Grandmother Hilma Idh
My paternal grandfather playing the accordian

Aunt Ina, who are these people?

this newspaper article was published in Sweden of 5 generations while
my Dad's Mother's Mother was celebrating her 98th birthday.

My Dad's family

My great, great, great grandmother
Johanna Pettersson
My paternal Grandmother as a baby, Hilma Idh

My grandmother and her oldest son, my Uncle Walter.

my paternal greatgrandparents
Yosemite, a loooooong time ago....

My Dad, the carpenter.

I am on the far right, hiding

My Mom (middle) and the neighbor who introduced us to the gospel.
Thank you Marcie Monk.

I think my Dad and Aunt Catherine are on the right
and I am not sure about the rest, can you help Aunt Ina?

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm doing my family history (one photo at a time)

This is my Mom (on the right) and her twin sister
Amy Loraine Ruff Piacentini and Elma LaVerne Ruff Erickson

here they are with their younger sister and brother

these are the parents that raised them:

my grandfather Homer Charles Ruff and my step grandmother
my parents on their wedding day
My beautiful Mother: LaVerne Ruff Erickson
I think my Dad lied about his age to join the navy. He looks very young,

I have that suit and it fit Holly and Benson when they were teenagers.

that is me in the middle and my siblings
Janet Ann, John Kenneth, Catherine Loraine and Micheal Wayne Erickson
My Dad wrote on the back of the photo:
Darlene is sure showing off...
We lived in that trailer on the left.
I just love that hat John ,
and the pants under their Easter dresses,
I guess that's what it takes in Wisconsin to keep warm
adorable (that's the master bedroom inside the trailer)

He's looks a little older here with a mustache...
John Hilmer Erickson
Hey, Mike, what a cute kid you were.
I remember combing your hair
with greasy kids stuff...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am blessed with a wonderful familly

I Love you!

it is amazing to witness the love between cousins
and sisters

photos by Gwen Hawkins