Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fluffy in his kilt

This is Fluffy, he works for VANOC.
Previously the company had casual friday, and Fluffy enjoyed wearing shorts,
but under new management,
casual friday was considered unprofessional and cancelled.
Fluffy was very disappointed and asked (pointing to a co-worker)
"Is it alright to wear a skirt on Fridays?
The answer was yes, and so was born "Kilt Friday".
He added the green tights for the olympic, outdoor, cold venue.

This is another fluffy friend. Look at those sweet treats in the store.... yum

my work crew team members

this is the anti-doping vehicle,
I drove down the hill with the athletes that were randomly picked for drug tests.

after the USA womens bobsled competition
the sleds are taken back to the storage trailers
and given some TLC.
Evidently the US has the best built bobsleds in the world.

A Brazilian news team caught me for an interview.
Como vi voce?

This Slovakian theatre team posing as the Olympic rings

and imitating the ski jump, they were uniquely funny

An alp horn from Switzerland posing with Miss whistler
(that is the gondola on their heads and their skirts are the hills and ski runs)

Cheese fondue anyone?