Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disneyland Jan 09, always a great time

The Happiest Place on earth!
I got your nose....
can I get his Nose?

I want to kiss his nose....
what a beautiful family
we both have squinty smiles...

Disneyland isn't just for the kids

Teagan has such cute chipmunk cheeks...

There is just something about a red sports car...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

He says he's all grown up now

I asked him to change the light bulbs above the washer yesterday, and at the same moment that I was chuckling at Lizzy's post about her girls making a mess with her surprise lunch, suddenly a large crash in the hall displayed the light cover splattered on the floor (yes he does his own laundry too) Kevin I miss you! Girls, he is 18 and claims to be all grown up.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

A wonderful family trip to Avila Beach

Just some of the beautiful vistas from our mid winter getaway

We got to see the sun rise and the sunset from our room
(The San Luis Bay Inn is set on the west side of the bay)

Bob is enjoying the views and the warm weather

The great view from our balcony

swinging made Charlotte laugh and giggle

I was so relaxed, I'm glad we went (really I saw a merman in the water)
Holly and Charlotte love the water...

Elle hid in her hood and wanted her mom to put her shoes back on

Every January, Monarch butterflies migrate to the coast, it was an amazing display of color.
This pelican had no problem posing for me...

"Come on, get a little closer, I dare you"

Elephant seals are having their 60 lb babies along the coast near San Simeon. These young seals will quadruple in size in just 6 weeks. Their milk contains the most fat of all the mammals.

Holly and I hiked to this light house on Wed morning, it is currently under restoration.On Friday morning I hiked to the top of the hill above the bay, what a view...
The San Luis Bay Inn is that Pink building on the far right of the photo

This is the view at pirates cove, don't look too close... Whoops :)

Did I mention how warm it was?