Wednesday, July 30, 2008

charlotte swimming with her cousins

Yea Mommy, I love to swim!
Elle and her swim hat: still not much hair

the cousins from Utah and Auberry: Tucker, Matthew, London, Kaitlin and Summer

Trip to Alaska

The eagle has landed
This mother bear and 2 cubs were at the edge of the road, then suddenly the mom got spooked...

He's still got it, Thank goodness he protected us from the Mother Bear

Grandpa Ben and Benson
Kevin, Crystal and Elle. Crystal's cruise to Alaska celebrating her graduation from the RN program. She passed the boards in July 2008 and is working in Labor and delivery at Fresno Community. Our 3rd grandgirl is due Sept 3.

Charlotte is sitting

This is our adorable grandgirl

Benson's eagle scout court of Honor

Hi, This is my first day to blog (thanks to Holly) very proud Grandpa Ben
and Elle likes the eagle
even prouder Dad

and proudest of all; Mom