Sunday, August 18, 2013

beautiful NW Washington

scenes from my cool and relaxing summer 2013

views of the San Juan Islands from Orcas Island
we can see downtown Vancouver BC

 the view from our beautiful lake house deck

 Nooksack Falls

these cows look Happy to me
 Multnohmah Falls

why did the Ducks cross the road?

happy trails

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bellingham Easter 4-12

Crystal, Elle, Teagan and I drove up to Bellingham
 for a wonderful spring/Easter break visit.
 let's go fishing!!!
 Teagan caught a 13" rainbow trout.
She also enjoyed eating it with Grandma Darlene and Papa Ben.
 Elle loves to take photos and she is getting quite good at it.

 Elle caught a little one and after the excitement
we let it go back...

 Elle took these photos also

 the tulip festival in Skagit county was delayed by the weather, 
but we got an eyeful of daffodils

 Kevin flew up for the weekend
  Bob cancelled out at the least minute fearing he would be too cold.
As you can see it is beautiful weather, as always in Bellingham.

 more Elle photos

 this is beautiful Deception Pass

 Easter egg decorating is serious business with the Ginsberg's
 and we're glad we had the opportunity to join them!

 Easter Brunch and then the HUNT!

just a sneak peek at our San Diego trip
(see my previous blog)